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Stage Hire, Stage Design and Stage Rentals

Being seen is the most important part of any production, with two different heights, and two different size stage panels, we can elevate you from the ground making the experience a great one for your audience! We as a stage and lighting company create the stage custom to your requirements. Often we provide a different color stage to fit different themes to make your production look and sound great. Each stage is different as each production or event is different. The size, location, indoors, outdoors, number of people, the size of the audience all impacts the layout and design of your stage. The stages are robust and capable of handling large crowds and dance productions. Depending on the type of event you are working on we can create a stage for it. Here are a couple of stages we have build for clients. In the gallery below you can see a wide variety from outdoor stages, model run ways, school stages, indoor stages and more. Each stage is different as each production is different.

 We can help with the following:

  • Stage and Lighting: Nothing lights up a stage like the right lighting
  • Mobile Stages: A "pack-up-and-go" type of stage
  • Concert Stages: A great concert starts with a great stage!
  • School stage lighting: School productions are becoming more and more professional, we can help!
  • Stage lighting and sound: Lighting is key in any stage production
  • Stage lighting services: Get the right light for your production
  • Outdoor stage lighting: Outdoor lighting, especially in the evening requires special skills for the right effect
  • Stage and Sound Equipment: Sound great and look great!
  • Sound and lighting stage production: A full production for your event

Stage Rentals

  • Stage and Sound Hire: We deliver a full range of services including sound and lighting
  • Stage Hire and Stages for Hire: You may hire a stage (a good example is for model events)
  • Stage lighting rentals: Renting lighting for a stage or event

Stage Equipment

  • Stage sound equipment: We have a range of professional sound and stage equipment. This includes mixers, speakers, microphones, and more

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Our services include:
- Sound & Lighting Hire
- Stage design
- Artist Management
- Recording Studio
- Audio Visual
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